In-house Training Programs on Safety

Qualifying People - Developing Future

Qualifying People - Developing Future

About In-house Training Programs

Training employees on occupational health and safety plays a vital role in organisations that thrive on harmless and effective process flow. Management utilizes safety training as one of the fundamental practices to develop the best safety culture and march towards zero accidents.

Organizations achieve their health, safety, and environmental objectives and reflect the learning outcome in their safety communications and inductions, toolbox talk, promptness in reporting near-misses and incidents, safety record keeping, and continual improvements.

Safety training is not only meant for workers who face hazards at the workplace but also for management, managers, and supervisors who shield employees from harmful or fatal outcomes. Today, safety training is a legal requirement for domestic and international compliance. Before deploying employees in any potentially hazardous activities, all stakeholders and workers must be well trained by a subject matter expert on safety parameters.

Training Methodology

Participants will have the experience of discussing real-time case studies, group exercises, learning through videos, coaching and mentoring, and delivering role plays.

About Course Advisors

The domain experts of TÜV SÜD execute the course content and training delivery. With immense experience and a success record spanning centuries from multiple corporates across the globe, our team of product specialists and subject matter experts at TÜV SÜD have created all course contents in line with domestic and international compliance and best practices. At TÜV SÜD, we ensure all clients meet their requirements objectives by observing the participants' world-class training competence.

Please note, this service is not applicable for Medical Device manufacturers.

Our In-house training programs

1. Advanced certificate in safety management system for safety specialist

2. Behavior based safety

3. Chemical safety

4. Confined space entry

5. Construction safety

6. Crane operation safety

7. Defensive driving 

8. Electrical safety

9. Emergency response team and mock drill

10. Ergonomics

11. Fire safety

12. First aid

13. Hazard identification & Risk Assessment

14. Industrial hygiene

15. Lock out Tag out (LOTO)

16. Permit to work system

17. Process safety management

18. Rigging & Lifting safety

19. Safe Rigging & Slinging

20. Safety leadership

21. Scaffolding inspector

22. Scaffolding safety

23. Stress Management

24. Welding safety

25. Working at height

  • FAQs

    1. How do I enroll for this training program?

    To register, fill-in the requisite details in the adjacent form. Our business development team will then contact you soon.

    2. Is online training available?

    Yes, both online and face-to-face trainings are available. For online, we can either use the TÜV SÜD online platform or a client’s if it’s available.

    3. Does your trainer provide practical training?

    Of course, practical trainings are possible based on topic requirements. The client must provide the practical set-up to demonstrate the training delivery.

    4. Are you providing any participation certificate?

    After successful completion of the final assessment, participants will be eligible for certificates. Hardcopy and e-copy choices are available, which come only on a request basis.

    5. Can you tailor the program according to our process and policies?

    We are flexible for everyone. We can either create a new program or modify the syllabus, or deliver the available syllabus. It all depends upon the client’s requirement only.

    6. Do your trainings provide multilingual instruction?

    Based on the participants' language specifications, we can deliver the training in any Indian regional language and in English. Multilingualism is also possible; again, that depends upon the number of participants and their language preference.

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