Fire Life Safety Advisory Service

Ensure effective provisions for fire prevention, safety and protection of life and property

Ensure effective provisions for fire prevention, safety and protection of life and property


Fire Life Safety is a framework that identifies the components that work together to minimize risk and help prevent loss, injuries, and death from fire, electrical, and other hazards. Fire Life Safety helps organizations ensure adequate provisions for the fire prevention, safety, and protection of life and property in various types of buildings and temporary structures likely to cause a fire risk. It also supports organisations in improving operational control requirements as per ISO 45001:2018. TÜV SÜD's Fire and Life Safety Advisory Services aim to prevent fires from occurring and train employees on emergency measures such as extinguishing the fire and evacuation of premises.

Your Benefits

 Understand significant fire hazards and the control measures required
 Know more about fire detection and protection system 
 Understand the requirements of NBC and Best Practices of NFPA 
 Know more about your existing fire system 
 Understand the need for the additional controls (including fire safety equipments)
 Understand effective Fire Safety Management for your AMC vendors

fire life safety advisory service

1) Introduction to Fire Life Safety Advisory services 
Plant Tour for Assessment 
Workplace Survey / Observation
Core Team Finalization 

2) Meeting Leadership 

3) Management Roles and responsibilities 

4) Advisory for Fire Life Safety
Identification applicable NBC requirements or relevant applicable requirements  
Identification of Gaps in fulfilling the requirement 
Preparation action plan for the Fire life safety fulfillment 
Action plan submission to management

5) Awareness 
Providing awareness on NBC requirements to the stakeholders 

6) Reporting mechanism  

Regular Review Fire life safety action plan 
Reporting to management 
Improvement action plans  

7) Periodical updates & post implementation observations

8) Continual improvement monitoring

9) Handover of the project as per the plan 

Advisory Duration

It could vary based on the objective of the requirement. 

Next Steps

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