ISO 31000:2018 Certified Professional in Risk Management

Secure confidential data and information with ISO 27001

Secure confidential data and information with ISO 27001

Who should take the certification in Risk Management based on ISO 31000 standard?

• Business Risk managers
• Executive level stakeholders
• Chief Information Security Officer / Chief Information Officer (CISO/CIO)
• Business finance managers
• Business process owners
• Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Risk Manager (s)
• Facilities managers
• Auditors
• Information Security Team
• Compliance Officers & Legal Professionals
• Project, Change Managers & HR Managers

Minimum learning risk management course curriculum

• Basics of risk
• Introduction to risk management program
• Understanding the context of the organization, Risk identification, Risk evaluation, Risk treatment, Review and Monitoring, Communication according to ISO 31000

Exam details:

• Multiple-choice examination consisting of 40 questions. Each question is of one mark.
• A pass is achieved by answering 70% of the questions correctly (minimum 28 out of 40 marks).
• Duration of exam: 60 minutes.
• Mode: Electronic online examination.
• Use of ISO 31000 standard are permitted.


• A participant who scores 70% or above in the online examination will be issued successful completion certificate on “ISO 31000:2018 Certified Professional in Risk Management"
• Unsuccessful candidates will be issued a certificate of attendance

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