Effective usage of VDA 6.3 Process Auditing Tool

A Hand-holding course for qualified VDA 6.3 Process Auditor

A Hand-holding course for qualified VDA 6.3 Process Auditor


about the course

VDA 6.3 Process Audit is considered to be one of the most effective supplier auditing tools within the automotive industry. It acts as a guideline for performing audits and many OEMs have mandated it as a supplier qualification and evaluation tool/method/technique. As a licensed partner of VDA QMC, TÜV SÜD South Asia offers a refresher course on ‘how to use VDA 6.3 excel software-based tool’. The course is applicable for already qualified VDA 6.3 Auditors. Considering today’s lock down situation, we request VDA 6.3 Auditors to take full advantage of this 2 days session, wherein our experts will help you to understand VDA 6.3 requirements, clear any of your doubts and train you to use of VDA QMC approved software-based auditing tool.

your Benefits

  • Understand how to use VDA QMC approved VDA 6.3 Auditing tool
  • Clear your doubts on VDA 6.3 Requirements and queries
  • Understand guideline on VDA 6.3 Qualification renewal / requalification
  • Understand lessons learnt (TGW / TGR) during VDA 6.3 Audits

course content / outline

  • Overview of VDA 6.3 process audit requirements
  • Refresher session on VDA 6.3 Assessment guideline
  • Query-based session to resharpen knowledge on VDA 6.3 Questionaire
  • How to avail VDA 6.3 Process Auditing software / tool
  • How to use VDA 6.3 Process Auditing tool
  • Case study based understanding of downgrading rule
  • How to effectively close audit findings
  • Guideline to renew VDA 6.3 qualification
  • Guideline to enroll for VDA 6.3 fresh course
  • Audit log submission and consideration for renewal of VDA 6.3 qualification

who should attend?

Qualified VDA 6.3 Process Auditors / Requalification due VDA 6.3 Process Auditors

training duration

2 Days


VDA 6.3 Auditor qualification / Knowledge of VDA 6.3 Auditing & requirements.

Exam details

An online learning check test will be conducted.


No formal certificate will be issued since this training session is to facilitate already qualified VDA 6.3 auditors to clear their doubts and enable them to use VDA QMC software based - VDA 6.3 auditing tool & perform this audit effectively.

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