CQI-15 Welding System Assessment (WSA) Auditor Qualification - Version 2

Training Program

Training Program


CQI-15 version 2 is a Welding System Assessment (WSA) which is now mandatory as a part of Customer Specific Requirements in IATF 16949:2016. The goal of AIAG CQI-15 standard implementation is the development of a welding management system that facilitates continual improvement, emphasises on defect prevention and reduction of variation and waste in the supply chain.  AIAG (Automotive Industry Action Group) released the first CQI-15 edition (version 1) in 2010 and followed by the second print in 2020. The Special Process: Welding System Assessment 2nd edition (CQI-15) is a comprehensive audit covering all variations of welding intended to provide a common approach to a welding management system for automotive production and service part organisations. Compliance to CQI-15 is now mandated by OEMs as “Customer-specific requirements”, hence it is necessary to undergo a formal auditor qualification training for CQI 15 WSA. Internal process audits are considered with CQI-9 standard where heat treatment process is part of organisation’s manufacturing processes. 

Your benefits

Participants will be able:

  • to qualify themselves as CQI 15 WSA Auditor as per AIAG CQI 15 Version 2 
  • to learn how to perform CQI 15 Welding System Assessment with the use of the Process Approach
  • to understand the prerequisites and competence criteria to become a CQI 15 WSA Auditor 
  • to learn the flow of WSA Process Auditing, Audit Planning, summarising audit results, and closers 
  • to understand a point of emphasis for job audit, process table, and how to audit these
  • to learn how to integrate CQI 15 WSA requirement with existing IATF 16949 QMS and manufacturing process audits

Course content / outline

Session 1

1) Summary of CQI 15 Awareness Module.
   - Scope of CQI 15 WSA - Goal of CQI 15
   - Understanding of Criteria for CQI 15 WSA Auditor 

2) Preparation of Process Turtle for given scenario / Case study

Session 2

1. Exercise on preparation of Audit Plan
2. Exercise on Section 1-5 Weld System Assessment 
3. Briefing on Assignment Submission
4. Briefing on Exam – Online Test 
5. Q & A from Participant.

who should attend

Manufacturing Engineers, Production Engineers working in Welding process, Welding Shop Supervisors, Process Validation / QA Engineers working in Welding Process, New Product/Process development Engineers involved in Welding Process, Internal & External Process Auditors, Quality Management Systems and Quality Engineers, who need to achieve Auditor Qualification in Welding System Assessment (CQI 15 -WSA).

Note: Educational degree in Metallurgy is not mandatory for attending this course. Responsible persons related to Welding process of parts, should attend. 

training duration

1 Day


  • There is a post test/exam on online mode
  • There are 20 questions in the test
  • The questions are multiple-choice with only one right answer
  • There is no negative marking for the wrong answer
  • Participant need to score 60% on this test to pass
  • Test duration is of 40 minutes.
  • This is an open book, open notes test. 


CQI 15 WSA Auditor Qualification of Successful completion (on passing online test) or Participation (who do not pass online test) will be awarded.

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