Awareness program on 5-S and Visual Management

Qualifying People - Developing Future

Qualifying People - Developing Future

what is 5-S and visual management?

5-S is a process to ensure work areas are clean and organized. The goal for implementing a 5-S System in the organization is to make the shop floor and office clean, organized and more efficient. Proper implementation of 5-S will make the office and shop floor more productive, cleaner, raise morale of the employees and save money.

In this awareness program, participants will find everything related to 5-S and Visual Management system. Through this program, participants will learn usage of the principles of continuous improvement to advance their organization’s management systems.

your Benefits

Participants will be able to:

  • Understand the 5-S concept & its principles
  •  Implement 5-S step by step at workplace
  • Understand each “S” in detail with example & exercise
  • Understand how to sustain 5-S
  • Understand roles and responsibility of each individual for maintaining 5-S within company
  • Understand Visual management
  • Understand standards for 5-S, visual management & safety

course content / outline

History of 5-S

  • Understanding the concept of 5-S
  • Why 5-S?
  • Importance of safety at Gemba
  • Rules of 5-S implementation

Implementation of 5-S

  • Step by step approach for implementing 5-S at workplaces
  • Standards of each “S”
  • Understanding of safety related standards
  • Exercise & Games
  • Benefits of 5-S system

Visual management

  • Difference between Visual management & Visual control
  • OPL
  • Understanding of safety related visuals
  • Standards for visual management

Sustenance of 5-S

  • Define Roles & Responsibilities of each member
  • How to design 5-S audit sheet
  • How to design safety check list
  • How to prepare visual boards for daily meetings

who should attend?

People from Production, Maintenance & Quality, Middle management, officer, engineer, supervisor, operators, QC inspector, people from account, HR store and from other support functions.

training duration

1 day

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