Ready Mix Concrete Plant Certification Scheme (RMCPCS)

Adding value with our service portfolio

Adding value with our service portfolio

Businesses today seek to offer products and services that not only meet but also surpass customer expectations. In the era of huge infrastructure development in the country, increasing need for RMC manufacturing industry to benchmark itself with quality certifications and also to provide confidence to consumer the RMC produced in a quality certified RMC plant.

RMCPCS Certification Process:

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What is RMC Plant Certification scheme?

In order to establish a credible, independent third party voluntary certification system to assure quality in operations and processes of RMC Plants, the Quality Council of India, India’s apex quality facilitation body, set up by the Central Govt. has designed and launched the “RMC Plant Certification Scheme” in May 2013.

The Scheme has been launched based on a request from the Ready Mixed Concrete Manufacturer’ Association (RMCMA), a non-profit industry organization of Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) producers in India, who realized the requirement of institutionalizing neutral verification system to ensure quality in ready mix concrete manufacturing owing to the tremendous demand in concrete in the last decade. The Scheme has been developed under an MoU signed between both the organizations in December 2011. This joint initiative was further reinforced by joining hands with the Building Materials & Technology Promotion Council (BMTPC) under Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation, Government of India, as the secretariat for the work related to the certification criteria.

This third party voluntary scheme is targeted towards large number of RMC facilities spread over the country providing them an opportunity for marketing a product which is an outcome of a process validated through a process of third party certification. This showcases their intent to serve their customers better not only by focusing on quality of the concrete but other aspects as stipulated in the Scheme.

The scheme is a robust mechanism that ensures that any RMC unit that applies for a certificate has actually internalized best practices in their plant in accordance with the BMTPC’s Criteria for Production Control of Ready Mix Concrete which is specified in the Scheme. The important aspects that are assessed during the assessment include plant and equipment, concrete mix design, control on quality of concrete ingredients, control and maintenance of process, production and testing facilities and adequate emphasize on competence of key personnel manning the process.

Why is RMC plant certification scheme Important to your business?

The RMC Plants Certification Scheme has two options for certification, one being 'RMC Capability Certification' and other being 'RMC 9000+ Capability Certification', the later ensuring compliance to the requirements of ISO 9001 also in addition to the QCI Scheme requirements.

The detailed Production Control Criteria for RMC has been established laying down the requirements on plant and equipment, key personnel, concrete mix design, production, testing facilities, control on quality of concrete ingredients, final product, delivery, control and maintenance of process control equipment etc. which the RMC Plant must comply in order to get certified under the scheme.

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Your benefits at a glance

A RMC unit may apply to showcase and benchmark itself with quality certifications for any of the two options available with the RMC Plants Certification Scheme, one being ‘RMC Capability Certification’ and other being ‘RMC 9000+ Capability Certification’, the latter ensuring compliance to the requirements of ISO 9001 also in addition to the BMTPC Criteria.

Improve your marketability and sales by applying the RMC certification to your corporate documents. This can also significantly improve your bargaining position when taking part in public and private procurements.

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