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IRF Trusted Mark Certification

Facilitating trade, fair competition and consumer acceptance from national to international level

Facilitating trade, fair competition and consumer acceptance from national to international level

Retail markets and chains of retail outlets are growing exponentially with high expectations from consumers. This demand warrants a more structured, systematic, and transparent approach. Current business success requires understanding customer needs and becoming more customer-centric by demonstrating transparency in business transactions and ensuring hygiene practices, which will build customer confidence. The trusted mark certification scheme is a step forward to encourage retailers to be more customer-centric and adhere to the standards of the ‘trusted mark’ certification scheme in retail operations. This scheme aims to grow and be more proactive in meeting current and future challenges and sustaining the market.

IRF Certification Process

What is IRF trusted mark certification?

IRF trusted mark certification scheme has been developed by IRF Trusted Mark LLP for certifying retailers. It is a seal of approval from an impartial third party to confirm that a certified retail brand has adequate systems and infrastructure to provide confidence to its customers in the quality of service offered by the retail brand. Retailer / retail organisations of any size operating single or multiple retail outlets can apply to get their retail brand/s certified.

Various types of IRF schemes are available:

The ‘trusted mark’ scheme will address various segments and sub-segments. The categorisation of the scope of the scheme with its ‘trusted marks’ is as follows: -
Trusted Shop – for retailers in hypermarkets, supermarkets, department stores, specialty, and convenience stores
Trusted Spa – for health resorts offering therapeutic services such as massages, saunas, baths, and manicures
Trusted Salon – for parlours providing beauty, facial, hair, skin and nail care services
Trusted Care – for gyms, fitness, and wellness centres
Trusted Restaurant – for restaurants & eateries
Trusted Cineplex – for multi and miniplexes
Trusted Fun Zone – for family entertainment centres, gaming & play zones, water/ ice parks etc.
Trusted Pharmacy – for retailer of medicines on prescription/ otc
Trusted Jeweller – for jewelry retailers
Trusted E-Shop – for e-retailers & service providers
Trusted Shopping Center - for retail real estate developers & facility management companies

Why is irf trusted mark Important?

IRF Trusted Mark helps bring transparency so that the consumers know what to expect from their purchase/service, right from browsing and buying to after-sales. Once the trusted mark standard gets implemented, the credibility of retailers increases. Customers would then be vigilant and curious and want to shop from the certified retailers with a ‘trusted mark.'

Why choose TÜV SÜD?

TÜV SÜD is an approved certification body by IRF trusted mark secretariat to do this assessment. Customers aiming to improve and systemize their business practices to achieve an efficient result in the global market can contact us. The scheme has been developed in compliance with ISO/IEC 17065:2012. Benefit from our extensive pool of experts beyond theoretical knowledge. We have decades of practical experience in continuous improvement processes (CIP), optimisation, and customer focus. Our broad expertise enables a holistic perspective when assessing your company's performance. To ensure the proper knowledge for your project, we select the technical experts that match your needs. Our international network of technical experts provides additional support in the form of industry and specialist knowledge. With the backing of our large pool of experts, we combine the expertise required for your project.

TÜV SÜD provides the expertise and experience to assess your organisation's practice meeting IRF trusted mark scheme. Our assessment services help your company gain customers' confidence by recognising various stages of understanding and integrating IRF scheme into your retail operation, in addition to offering comprehensive evaluations and certification.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Increase reliability of your processes - with well-drafted and clearly communicated procedures/policies/manuals and SOPs 
  • Reduce reputation risks - with strategies and tools to analyse risks based upon IRF Trusted Mark requirement
  • Improve transparency and establish trustworthiness - to assure a robust retail environment for customers


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