Coverage in 'The Machinist' - Mr. Bratin Roy share his views on Functional safety

Mr. Bratin Roy, VP - Industrial Services; TÜV SÜD South Asia in his recent interaction with 'The Machinist' shared his views on the manufacturing sector within India and its direct co-relation to the importance of 'Functional Safety'.
With rising impetus given by the Government of India towards the manufacturing sector, capital goods is going to contribute a major chunk in boosting the GDP.

Mr. Roy in his interview stated "The capital goods industry employs 1.4 million people and is estimated to employ 2.8 million by 2017. Managing 2.8 million people will pose various challenges as far as occupational health and safety is concerned. It can therefore be concluded that effective health and safety management can contribute directly to overall business success. Adherence to health and safety measures can add immense value to the manufacturing sector. Injuries and illnesses increase workers' compensation, retraining costs, and the quality of output is compromised. It also impacts productivity, morale, and profits. Businesses operate more efficiently when effective safety and health management systems are implemented.”

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