VDA 6.5 (Revised Volume 2020) Product Auditor Training Program

Qualification as Product Auditor

Qualification as Product Auditor


15th June 2022:  New VDA 6.5 Product Audit | Duration: 1 Day I Time: 09:30 am to 05:30 pm

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What you'll gain by enrolling for this course?

  • Internationally accepted VDA 6.5 Product Auditor Qualification Certificate
  • Formal qualification as a "Product Auditor"
  • Training material and end-to-end guidance on the requirements and application of VDA 6.5 product audits

About the course

The VDA 6.5 Product Audit training and qualification course helps personnel to achieve the competence & qualification required to program, plan and conduct effective product audits. The objective of the program is to help the candidate understand how product audits have been an indispensable tool in the automotive industry for evaluating and improving product quality in the interest of the customers. The VDA 6.5 product audit training ensures to train professionals on the lines of meeting customer specific needs that build quality, reliability and confidence in business.

Training Duration

1 Day

Who should attend

This course is designed for:

  • Professionals who plan and/or conduct product audits in their organization
  • Automotive auditors, management representatives, managers, executive and quality professionals
  • It is suitable for all involved in planning, maintenance and certification of the auditing activity

Learning and Career Benefits

Our course provides an opportunity for participants to learn and implement the following:

  • Do effective Product Audit programming and planning
  • Understand the importance of Product Audit
  • Identify improvement areas and value added findings through product audit
  • Achieve formal qualification as a product auditor
  • Understand how the audit standards help meet German supply chain requirement
  • Provide assurance on product quality
  • Gain competency to meet customer requirements

If you want to vastly improve career prospects, gain promotion, return to work or simply stand out from the crowd, this course is ideal for you.


Some of the pre-requisites for participation in the VDA 6.5 Product Audit training are as follows:

  • Prior knowledge about the product, product features, applications is recommended
  • Also, prior knowledge of production processes is recommended

Examination and Certification

Written/Online examination will be conducted at the end of the course.
Participants who score 60% and above in both the continuous assessment and written/online examination will be issued a VDA 6.5 Qualification Certificate, while the others will be issued a Certificate of Attendance.

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