Trusted Information Security Assessment (TISAX)

An inter-company exchange mechanism based on Information Security Assessment (ISA)

Information security is one of the key elements in the automotive industry. For a host of information including design data, functional security of manufacturing processes, automated data exchange between networked production systems, ensuring information security is a must. A service provider or a supplier working in the automotive industry must provide an evidence to its customers, at regular intervals, confirming its compliance towards the standards and regulations pertaining to information security. 

In the past, this evidence was provided through the Information Security Assessment (ISA) developed by Verband der Automobilindustrie (VDA) aka the German Association of the Automotive Industry. However, individual suppliers and service providers had to undergo multiple audits for their clients through ISA. This prompted VDA to introduce Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange (TISAX). TISAX is a common assessment and exchange mechanism in the automotive industry that brings-in standardisation and quality assurance and helps to avoid redundant audits.  



Foundation Training on TISAX

This 2 days foundation course aims to facilitate participants and organisations to implement their TISAX requirements. As a part of the training course, qualified trainer/s will be delivering / guiding / helping participants and organisations to understand the implementation requirements and move further to achieve formal certification.

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TISAX Assessments for the Automotive Industry

TÜV SÜD is currently undergoing the accreditation process and is allowed to carry out TISAX assessments. Assessments may only be performed by local experts and/or audit providers specifically accredited for TISAX. Organisations can keep control over their results at all times – this information can only be exchanged and shared after prior approval. Assessments would be conducted at 3 levels and would be completed in 6 steps. 

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