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Hygiene app for real-time monitoring of your property during COVID-19

Multiple properties. Multiple geographies. One user-friendly app.

Multiple properties. Multiple geographies. One user-friendly app.

The 'New Normal' during this pandemic needs business across the hospitality sector, such as hotel chains, standalone properties and others to demonstrate their efforts undertaken to contain the spread of COVID-19 in order to instill confidence and develop trust with their guests.

To deliver a safe and pleasant experience to its guests in the current situation, the team needs to be equipped with an efficient and effective real-time monitoring system that assess the readiness of the employees and facility with minimal costs and time spent to do so. As a valued partner, TÜV SÜD steps in by introducing you to an easy-to-use app, ‘The Hygiene App’ to facilitate real-time monitoring that equips you to assess, take timely corrective actions and demonstrate your processes with confidence.


This intuitive, cloud-based hygiene app, once downloaded on your device helps you to capture information from all locations on a real-time basis, making it a central point of storing all documentation, easily accessible for internal reviews and showcasing compliance to authorities. This app gives you an option to build a customised dashboard with a provision of restricted access control. Features like uploading a customised checklist along with compliance to local authority requirements, alert systems to track deviations and responsive communication with employees, ensure seamless, cost-efficient, and effortless operations.


Some of the key features of this app include, compliance monitoring through hygiene standards, documentation check of COVID-19 relevant measures and access to a flexible hygiene checklist, that can be customised as per local, national and organisation requirements.



  • One app that serves as a single point of collating all information, enabling easy access for your organisation to monitor hygiene levels and compliance to local standards, across multiple locations
  • Customised usability to upload a customised hygiene plan and benefit from a pre-uploaded hygiene checklist benchmarked against local compliance requirements, captured in real-time.
  • Effective monitoring with the help of an ‘Alert System’ to track any deviations. 
  • Report generation through a customised and comprehensive dashboard enables easy report generation, that presents your data facility-wise or through a compiled overview.
  • User friendly interface developed by a single app available on Android and iOS, that ensures easy documentation referencing, multi-user access and compliance to data protection clauses.
  • Responsive communication to employees for effective roll-out.
  • Save time and money with ready to use intuitive app and an option to choose from various commercial packages that suit your business requirements.


  • Cost efficient

    Various commercial packages available to meet your specific requirements.

  • Low investment

    No separate infrastructure or hardware required.

  • Easy to access

    Cloud based app that is easily downloadable via Android / iOS platforms and does not require third party software or hardware for installation.

  • Multi-user login

    Multiple user logins across multiple locations with a facility to control restricted access.

  • Customisation

    Customise hygiene checklists on the basis of local regulations and / or company requirements.

  • Secured

    Complies to data protection and other cyber security norms.

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