Cybersecurity services from TÜV SÜD

Across industries, the ongoing digitisation is driven by the prospect of increased efficiencies, unmatched flexibility and innovative business models. Based on our deep expertise on both market-specific data regulations and the cyber threat landscape, TÜV SÜD partners with customers worldwide to release the full potential of their digital future. Cyber security and data protection are part of our core competencies. From risk analysis, to the elimination of security vulnerabilities and the overall resilience of business operations, TÜV SÜD is at your side at every step. We also provide trainings for employees, to ensure required competence and empowerment.

Key Highlights

  • 100+ Cybersecurity experts 
  • PAN India presence 
  • State-of-art security testing labs
  • 10,000 clients 
  • CERT-In Empaneled
  • Independent Advisor
  • Charter of Trust
  • World Wide Network

Cybersecurity Assessments

We provide cybersecurity assessments for all the four pillars i.e Enterprise security, Data security, Transactional security and Industrial security. They are mainly - Cyber Security Audit, Application VAPT, Network VAPT, Source Code Review, Network Architecture, Configuration Review, Firewall Rule Review, Mobile App Testing, ISNP Audits, Regulatory Audits, AUA/KUA Audit, DDOS.

Our servicing solutions within Cybersecurity 


  • Enterprise Security


    • Security Program
    • Enterprise Security Roadmap
    • Virtual CISO

    Specialty Assessment

    • VAPT Extreme
    • Red Team and Purple Team
    • Blue Team Support
    • Discovery as a Service
    • Spear Phishing
  • Data Security
    • India PDPA - Advisory
    • EU GDPR
    • Applicability
    • Gap Assessment
    • Implementation
    • Validation
    • External DPO
    • Privacy Impact Assessments
    • Data Flow Analysis
    • Data Leakage Audits
    •  Third Party Vendor Risk Management 
  • Transactional Security
    • PCI DSS
    • PCI DSS - QSA
    • ASV Scans
    • Penetration Testing
    • Card Data Discovery
    • Network Segmentation Audit
    • PCI Workshop and accompanying consulting
    • Documentation support 
  • Industrial Security
    • IEC 62443
    • VAPT for Infrastructure –Servers, VPN, Network, Wireless, Security Devices
    • Digital Security – IOT Devices, API, Cloud Applications
    • Sealed Cloud Solutions
    •  Critical Infrastructure Protection

Cybersecurity services

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