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Your solution partner and technical service provider

Your solution partner and technical service provider

E-Mobility has been a trending market for many years and the production of battery cells/modules/packs are rising with the increasing number of new battery production facilities worldwide. The increasing demand for batteries is expected to provide a huge impetus to the need for mobility and portable devices. This will further substantiate compliance to regulatory and safety standards such as CE conformity while setting up a new battery production plant and also throughout the battery production supply chain.


As the right technical partner for machinery and safety requirements for battery plant owner, TÜV SÜD is the one point contact between plant owner and suppliers to facilitate seamless communication. We provide continuous status reporting of compliance fulfillment and gap analysis with measures needed based on regular communication. In addition, we understand your concerns when setting up new battery production plant:

  • Supplier management - It is important to ensure that the suppliers manufacture and deliver equipment in accordance to specification. They must be able to provide full documentation including certificates, manuals and technical data sheet. Their operation should also be in accordance of social responsibility regulations.
  • Compliance and safety - The installation must be compliance with local HSE rules. The plant in operation also needs to meet all international as well as local technical, safety and compliance regulations such as waste water, electrical safety and more.

Timeline and cost - It is also vital that the setting up of battery production plan proceed according to schedule and milestones set in the initial planning phase. This includes ensuring suppliers delivery in accordance to timeline. Any delay can result in a loss of money.

Battery Production


  • Technical Due Diligence
    • Feasibility studies for investments in innovative solutions and new technologies
    • Technical Due Diligence for bankable transactions, including Red Flag TDD studies and subsequent monitoring
    • Asset evaluation
    • ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance assessment
  • Owner's Engineer
    • Project Evaluation, Feasibility and Planning reviews
    • CAPEX analysis
    • Contract reviews (non-legal)
    • Monitoring of Construction progress (Milestone-Certification)
    • Confirmation of payment
    • Monitoring of equipment and material compliance with specifications
    • Engineering design and planning reviews
    • Schedule Analysis and Optimization
    • Equipment Commissioning and Verification Test
    • Operational and Maintenance Review
    • General reporting to owner on the basis of technical and business competence
    • Overall Risk Assessment and Risk Management


  • Quality Assurance / Quality Control
    • Component certification & code compliance
    • Quality assurance at all suppliers
    • Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)
    • Expediting (Desk & Field)
    • Construction supervision
    • Technical consultancy for construction supervision
    • Supplier and welder qualification
    • Quality control of all equipment
    • Meeting all local requirements regarding quality, safety and environment
    • Welding


  • Supply Chain Services
    • Advisory on Near-sourcing; Local sourcing; Supplier diversification; Digitalization as a key for sustainability
    • Crisis management in supply chains
    • Local inspections (QA of supplier, Design Review and random tests)
    • Resilience supply chain management by development of a resilient production (multi-sourcing) and (near-sourcing) supply chain:
    • Supplier audits & risk
    • Supplier qualification
    • Supplier inspection (manufacturing, pre-shipment, post shipment)
    • Increase transparency and efficiency across supply chains:
    • Expediting - desk and field
    • Digitalization of supply systems


  • Compliance Certification
    • NoBo activities
    • European and National requirements to be inspected or final accepted by a notified boday such as TÜV SÜD
    • Certification according relevant directives (Machinery directive, Pressure equipment directive, low voltage directive, IEC 61508, etc.)
    • Support in compliance certification based on required law (global, national and local) along the value chain and requirements and approval process


  • Supplier Qualification
    • Trainings virtually but also physically on regulations and standards
    • Supplier Specification understanding
    • European Directions and regulation evaluation and auditing
    • Risk assessment, Functional safety and Machinery Safety technical know-how transfer
    • Advisory services


  • CE Conformity / Risk Assessment
    • Manufacturing (CE consultancy and risk assessment)
    • Commissioning (CE approval and acceptance test prior use)
    • Operation (Periodical inspection and safety audits)
    • Machinery Safety, compliance and efficiency services
    • CE-Conformity Evaluation / Certification
    • Component certification & code compliance
    • Quality assurance at all suppliers
    • Operational Hazard & Risk Assessment
    • Consultancy services on safety concepts, operator´s EHS obligation´s
    • Functional safety for machinery applications
    • Risk Assessment according machinery directive
    • Safety and Damage assessment
    • Global Market Access




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