Building performance

Data management and visualisation

Data management and visualisation

Most medium- and large-sized buildings have a building automation system that controls the technical equipment within the buildings. However, the system often does not produce desired result when it is first implemented. For example, the energy and operating costs are often much higher than planned. This is usually caused by programming errors during control and regulation or planning/ execution errors. 

With the new EU directive, Energy Performance of Building Directive (EPBD) and other possible future environmental challenges, high level of efficiency is required in the building services and this is not always easy to achieve.

In TÜV SÜD, we recognise your problems and help you uncover the potentials.

We provide meaningful insights on how your building operations can be made more economical, efficient and functional based on your needs by monitoring, recording and evaluating all measurable building data. Monitoring and storage of building data create visibility. The collected data enables targeted analysis and visualisation of building performance. Problems and potential for improvement are discovered and optimised. This way, the performance and functionality of the measurement and control system can be improved during building operation. 


How can we support you in management and visualisation of your building data?

  • Active monitoring of building automation and continuous recording from your data communication protocol such as BACnet using TÜV SÜD data box
  • Map out functions and efficiency (technical monitoring) of the building equipment based on co-defined target values and collected data
  • Evaluate and compare building performance and derive measures for optimal operation based on analysis of the operating data (target/actual comparison)
  • Import and consolidate data from different manufacturers and systems according to your requirements.
  • Support in the implementation of the legal requirements from EPBD.


Contact the team to get more information on visualisation and management of your building data.


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