Functional Safety Certification Program (FSCP) EN 5012x standard

Functional Safety Certification Program (FSCP)

According to EN 5012x Standard

According to EN 5012x Standard


The Functional Safety Certification Program (FSCP) is a personnel certification program that demonstrates an individual’s proficiency in the En 5012x Series of the functional safety standard for Rail application

It provides you with verification that you fulfil all preconditions and specialist expertise requirements to deliver the requisite responsibility and skills at the right point of the safety life cycle. When you pass the qualifying examination, we present you with the corresponding FSCP certificate for Functional safety

Engineer Level 1 and website listing


With participation in our trainings for En 5012x Modules 1-3 you will be optimally prepared for the Level 1 exam - even without previous knowledge.

Duration: 3 hours


Developers, testers, project leads, quality representatives and safety officers primarily focusing on the development of programmable electronic safety systems; users and integrators of safety devices and systems, etc


With participation in trainings for En 5012x Modules 1-3 you will be optimally prepared for the Level 1 exam - even without previous knowledge

Day 4: written examination

Examination type: A four (4) hour examination compromising of 60 multiple-choice questions and 5 working problems. The pass score criterion is 75%.


FSCP Level -1 Functional Safety Engineer in accordance with EN 5012x


  • Enhance your efficiency – with training courses linking theory with practical experience in the area of functional safety.
  • Minimise risks – by keeping your employees up to date with regard to standards and regulations in science and technology, thus enabling them to identify problems before your operations are affected. Avoid product recalls and loss of reputation by applying an optimised tailored process.
  • Gain competitive edge – by applying your knowledge of the diverse roles throughout the safety life-cycle, in order to develop the best solutions for you and your customers.


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