SS 620

Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices

Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices

WHAT IS SS 620 Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices?

Good Distribution Practice (GDP) is part of quality assurance which ensures products are consistently stored, transported and handled under suitable condition as required by the marketing authorisations or product specifications. Wholesalers or importers of medical devices in Singapore are required to attain GDPMDS certification and audits before applying for the license.

This certification helps to ensure that wholesalers or importers possess the necessary quality management systems, procedures and facilities to handle medical devices, ensuring that they are appropriately stored, transported and handled.

SS 620 Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices PROVIDES YOUR ORGANISATION WITH MULTIPLE BENEFITS:

  • Enhancement of product quality which increases consumer confidence
  • Ensuring business activities are not interrupted by non-compliance of regulations
  • Optimising supply / distribution chain and increase efficiency & productivity


TÜV SÜD’s GDPMDS services involve the entire range of auditing, testing and certification, as well as training solutions that assist our customers in complying with GDPMDS, or other local / international regulations. 


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