SS 524

SS 524

Quality Management for Bunker Supply Chain

Quality Management for Bunker Supply Chain

WHAT IS SS 524 Quality Management for Bunker Supply Chain?

The SS 524:2006 Standard by the Working Group for Quality Management for Bunker Supply Chains (QMBS), endorsed by the Standards Council of Singapore is the world’s first standard to enhance the management of the bunker supply chain.  The accreditation ensures a structured system in carrying out bunkering activities, taking into consideration safety, health and environment issues as well as implementing improvements to the procedures and requirements for bunker transfer and quality. Developed for the benefit of ship-owners, operators, charterers, bunker suppliers, bunker craft operators and bunker surveyors, the QMBS accreditation system provides bunker buyers with the assurance of reliability and quality in Singapore’s bunkering services.


  • Focus on the effectiveness of the system and its practicality in the local environment.
  • Gain TÜV SÜD certificate that is recognized and accepted internationally.
  • Partner with a highly professional, independent, impartial and unbiased certification body.
  • Possess a qualified and experienced pool of auditors around the ASEAN region.
  • Provide objective recommendations for ongoing continuous improvement.


  • Transition Timeline from SS 524:2014 to SS 524:2021
    1. SS 524:2014 Specification for quality management for bunker supply chain (QMBS) will be replaced by SS 524:2021 which was published on 07 January 2022. The content of the revised standard has been updated to be in alignment with the latest versions of SS 600:2020 Code of practice for bunkering and SS 648:2019 Code of practice for bunker mass flow metering. The main differences between SS 524:2014 and SS 524:2021 are as follows: 
      • Revision of terms and definition and overall SS 524 content to align to SS 648:2019 & SS 660:2020 and other relevant standards (SS 524 previously referred to SS 600)
      • Updates in procurement section (Clause 9) that covers procurement process and verification of procured product to ensure better quality control
      • Revision of non-conformity and corrective action section (Clause 13) in relation to the contamination issues
      • Inclusion of risk management (identify the type of risk in QMBS)
      • Alignment of SS 524’s structure of management system to new ISO Annex L published in 2020
    2. In consultation with stakeholders:
      • SAC will give Accredited certification bodies (SS 524), 12 months from 01 Mar 2022 to transit to SS 524:2021.  SAC will conduct the transition assessment of the certification body at their next routine assessment in 2022/2023;
      • Accredited certification bodies shall transit their certified clients to SS 524:2021 by 31 March 2025. All SS 524:2014 certifications shall expire or be withdrawn on 31 March 2025;
      • At minimum, transition audits conducted at surveillance or as an independent audit shall require an additional of 0.5 man-days. The certification body shall determine the need to increase the audit duration for transition conducted at renewal audits.



TÜV SÜD helps to ensure your SS 524 certification is conducted with the highest degree of professionalism and conformance to international guidelines and standards. In addition, our auditors are required to follow a strict code of conduct through Auditor Codex that assures both you and your customers of our complete independence and impartiality.


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