Risk assessments for the Radio Equipment Directive

Risk assessments for the Radio Equipment Directive



Get exclusive insights into new risk assessment requirements under the Radio Equipment Directive

On 13th June 2017, the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) became mandatory for radio equipment being marketed in the EU. Both manufacturers with products compliant with the R&TTE Directive and those with products newly within the scope of the RED must now be fully compliant.

The RED includes many changes from R&TTE. One critical difference is the provision for a risk assessment, meaning that manufacturers will need to be fully aware of this requirement and how to implement a risk-based compliance strategy. This is integral to satisfying the requirements of the RED and avoiding disruption to trading on the European market.

Our free on-demand webinar will bring you up to speed on RED risk assessments, their implications and how your business should prepare. This webinar will be ideal for anyone working on the manufacture of telecommunications or radio equipment across Europe, North America and Asia.

key topics covered:

  • Brief introduction of the RED

  • Importance of risk assessments

  • Essential requirements

  • Risk analysis and assessment

  • Use of harmonised and non-harmonised standards

  • Strategic technical documentation

About the speaker

Stephen Milliken

Stephen Milliken
Senior Engineer, Product Certification, TÜV SÜD

Mr. Stephen Milliken is Senior Engineer at TÜV SÜD. He has experience across the compliance industry working in both test engineering and certification. He is a Technical Certifier for various product approvals schemes including RED, FCC, ISED, Japan Radio and MCS.

His specialist experience includes ISO 17025 laboratory EMC/Radio test engineering and regulatory compliance solutions.

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