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Guarantee Business Continuity with Software Escrow



introduction to Guarantee Business Continuity with Software Escrow

The business has come to the digitalisation era in which IT investments like technology and software solutions benefit the efficiency and productivity of the organisations. It's important to recognize the financial and operational risks that happen if the software manufacturers are sold, discontinued due to bankruptcy, or halt the developments.

Software Escrow supports organisations to diminish the potential risks and ensure business continuity in any situation.

TÜV SÜD’s free on-demand webinar will help you understand how to implement Escrow Services to guarantee the business continuity. To view the webinar, fill up the form now. 

our webinar will tackle these points, focusing on:

• Importance and Benefits of Business Continuity
• The correlation between Business Continuity and Software Escrow
• Introduction of Software Escrow
• Benefits of Software Escrow
• How it works
• Case Study of Software Escrow
• TÜV SÜD Services
• Q&A


• Find out how Software Escrow Services protect your IT investments
• Learn how the escrow process works
• Understand how your organisations can implement Software Escrow and ensure business continuity
• Get more insights from the case study of Software Escrow implementation

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