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14 March 2022

ENGIE and TÜV SÜD cooperate on hydrogen and power-to-X

ENGIE and TÜV SÜD are joining forces to expand their respective activities in the fields of hydrogen and power-to-X. The two companies signed an agreement to this effect. The cooperation extends across all stages of the value chain, from the support of approval procedures to engineering, construction and commissioning and operation of plants.

In line with the international Agenda 2030, both partners will join their strengths to the cooperation in order to advance projects in the fields of hydrogen and power-to-X and to support potential industrial and municipal utility customers. In addition, both partners would like to use their cooperation to raise awareness of the great benefits of hydrogen and power-to-X solutions.

ENGIE's ambition in renewable hydrogen, is to support the decarbonization of industrials (fertilizers, refineries, chemicals, etc.), and mobility applications around the world. Developments also focus on improving the integration of intermittent renewables into the energy system and storing the excess electricity generated. With more than 200 experts, fully dedicated to hydrogen and hydrogen derivates (i.e. methanol, e-fuels like e-kerosine, e-methane), we are the long-term partner for our customers, securing each step of a project, from origination to operating at gigawatt scale.

With over 25,000 employees in around 50 countries, TÜV SÜD is one of the world's leading testing and certification companies. The experts are responsible for optimizing technology, systems and know-how. They make a significant contribution to making technical innovations safe and reliable. In the case of hydrogen, TÜV SÜD accompanies the entire value chain – from generation to storage and distribution to application in a wide variety of areas. The interdisciplinary teams not only enable a holistic view of complex projects, but also individual solutions for a wide range of tasks.

"At ENGIE, we were front-runners in the development of an industrial-scale hydrogen economy worldwide, and have accumulated extensive know-how from production to end use. Against the backdrop of a massive increase in demand for green hydrogen worldwide, we are also increasing our efforts in large-scale renewable hydrogen production. Our target is four gigawatts of green hydrogen production capacity by 2030, but we are also concerned with preparing existing infrastructures for the transition from natural gas to hydrogen. Partnerships like the one with TÜV SÜD are an essential step for us on the road from planning to practice," says Charles Hertoghe, Business Development & Strategy Vice-President ENGIE Thermal & Supply Europe.

"TÜV SÜD has a clear sustainability focus and offers a wide range of services along the entire energy transformation and decarbonization process. For the successful development of a hydrogen economy, the corresponding technologies such as power-to-X must be further developed and, above all, made scalable. We bring our extensive know-how and decades of experience with new technologies to the collaboration with ENGIE in order to make technical innovations safe, reliable and marketable, and also to support the necessary transformation of supply infrastructures," says Thore Lapp, Head of TÜV SÜD's Green Energy and Sustainability Business Unit.

Power-to-X refers to all processes that convert green electricity/green power into chemical energy carriers for electricity storage, electricity-based fuels for mobility or raw materials for the chemical industry. In a climate-friendly way, power-to-X can be used, for example, to produce hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles, but also kerosene for aircraft.

Capture: Signing the contract: Charles Hertoghe, Business Development & Strategy Vice-President, ENGIE Thermal & Supply Europe (li.), and Thore Lapp, Head of Business Unit Green Energy and Sustainability at TÜV SÜD.
Picture credits: TÜV SÜD






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