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TÜV SÜD Attends 2019 China Internet Conference, Delivering Speech at Network and Equipment Security Forum

TÜV SÜD was present at the 2019 China Internet Conference, held in Beijing during July 9-11 by the Internet Society of China (ISC). Ms. Asli Solmaz-Kaiser, Vice President of Product Development and Innovation from TÜV SÜD, delivered a keynote speech on “Landscape of European Cybersecurity Regulations on ICT devices” at the 2019 China Internet Network and Equipment Security Forum.

ts-Asli-Solmaz-KaiserThe China Internet Conference is an annual activity started in 2001 by ISC, aiming to provide a platform to people from industry and academia to share ideas about the internet and its development. The theme of the conference this year focused on the most recently sensitive topics, such as new technology, development model as well as the cybersecurity of connected devices. There were approximately 30 forums held within three days as well as the exhibitions on AI, 5G, and IP protection etc. ts-China-Internet-Network

Along with the rapid development of new technologies such as AI,5G, Cloud, Mobile and IoT, an increasing number of devices with high intelligence, highly integrated and virtualized functions are rolled-out in the market. Privacy protection and data security of these smart devices become a sensitive topic with consumers’ increasing concerns. In the forum of Internet Network and Equipment Security, Ms. Asli Solmaz-Kaiser raised up the recent insecure home product recalled by EU as an example and emphasized that manufactures shall consider security of their IoT home products. She also shared recent development of European and North America Security Regulations such as GDPR, CPA, BSPA and California Privacy Regulation.

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