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Ensure business continuity by safeguarding your IT investment and Software

As we move towards digitalisation, organisations increasingly deploy more technology and software solutions to meet their business requirements. Investment in software solutions has enabled organisations to improve their efficiency and productivity making them assets that need to be available and maintained throughout the product lifecycle. It is therefore crucial to recognise the financial and operational risks it poses to your company if a software is discontinued due to bankruptcy of a company, or the halt of software development.

With Software Escrow Services, you can mitigate the risks arising from unavailability of the software and ensure that your business continues to operate seamlessly under any situations.


As an impartial third party, TÜV SÜD can securely stores the software source code through an escrow agreement with the software manufacturer (licensor), and the software user (licensee) during the contractual period. 

Under contractually stipulated terms, for example in case of bankruptcy of the software manufacturer, the software source code will be made available to the user. The user can thus continue the use, maintenance and updating of important software programs, enabling business continuity in such circumstances.

Key benefits of engaging TÜV SÜD’s Software Escrow Services

  • Protect your IT investments by involving impartial 3rd party partner
  • Ensure uninterrupted updating, maintenance, and development of the software throughout the product life cycle
  • Minimise economic risks and take the opportunity to improve BASEL II ratings
  • Mitigate the risks of software development discontinuation by having access to the source code

How the Escrow Process works

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6 Value added features of Software Escrow services – customised to your business requirements

As a third-party service provider with extensive experience in fields including IT, TÜV SÜD's Software Escrow Services comprise a bundle of highly complex activities. These activities extend from incoming tests for completeness and freedom from viruses and malware to special bespoke tests according to individual requirements.

To maintain the fault-free condition of the software in updates and further releases, technical documentation and release notes to the escrow agent also form part of the agreement. After all, even where the complete source code is available, clean processing is only possible if the source code does not first have to be analysed in a complex code review.

  • Software incoming test
  • Source code verification 
  • Software quality assurance (e.g. testing the functionality, ergonomics and data security of software systems and consulting on requirements)
  • Updating of the saved source code
  • Optional possibilities such as software walkthroughs and test compilations
  • Project-specific escrow services, special models

Why choose TÜV SÜD?

We understand that digital products are a core element in your business and the source code is the key to any modification. We know all the flow you have been going through in putting software and license agreement altogether in place.

TÜV SÜD has extensive experience in the IT area and offers Software Escrow customisable to your business needs. We implement information security and data protection throughout the process and ensure that it is handled in a simple and efficient way.

Software Escrow Services

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