Functional Safety for all road vehicles ISO 26262 Training Course

Automotive Functional Safety Certification Program (FSCP)

Automotive Functional Safety Certification Program (FSCP)


  • Globally accepted Functional Safety Engineer (FSEr) certificate
  • Expertise to become a functional safety engineer, professional or expert in the automotive industry
  • Basic understanding about safety-related functions with respect to electrical and electronic systems to minimize risks and failure
  • A competitive edge to tackle functional safety projects effectively and efficiently

ABOUT ISO 26262 Training Course

Functional Safety Automotive Training and Certification Program, trains professionals to have complete understanding and updated technical knowledge of the safety related systems that the ISO 26262 standard accounts for. The course provides a clear understanding and practical experience of how safety-related systems must be operated and controlled to avoid errors. Our objective is to give professionals practical knowledge and experience with our instructor-led classes, to take informed decisions and mitigate risks.


4 Days Instructor-led training


The course is ideal for product developers, R&D professionals, control engineers, safety engineers, system integrators, EPCs, managers of engineering departments, sales representatives for safety products systems and services, sales engineers and managers, marketing specialists or anybody who wants to get their functional safety knowledge certified in the associated field of Functional Safety 26262.


  • Enhance your efficiency with training courses, linking theory with practical experience in the area of functional safety
  • Minimize risks by becoming up to date with regard to standards and regulations in science and technology, thus enabling you to identify problems before your operations are affected
  • Avoid product recalls and loss of reputation by applying an optimized tailored process
  • Avoid product failures, save time and monetary losses
  • Gain competitive edge by applying your knowledge of the diverse roles throughout the safety life-cycle, in order to develop the best solutions for you and your customers


Domain knowledge with minimum 4 years of experience of working on Automotive Functional Safety projects.


The functional safety certification can be obtained by enrolling and attending our instructor-led training program. Post completion of the course, participants would require to attend an examination containing multiple choice questions to obtain the certificate. Participants scoring above the passing criteria would be awarded the certificate. 



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