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Ensure the quality of products, processes and services in the market

Ensure the quality of products, processes and services in the market

By bringing interdisciplinary expertise and international experience to the table, the experts from TÜV SÜD are making a major contribution towards bringing safe, reliable new sanitation technologies to the market and grounding organisations sustainability goals in action. The services provided by TÜV SÜD in the area of sustainability and sanitation span support for governments, non-governmental organizations, laboratories, investors in sustainability and sanitation projects, and manufacturers and operators of sanitation technologies.


    For sanitation innovators, TÜV SÜD offers a proven process to assess technological readiness and prepare your system for certification. At the preliminary study stage, we prepare a customized checklist to guide you in organizing and preparing documentation and testing reports needed for certification. The next step is a gap analysis, which results in a structured test plan to complete testing according to ISO 30500. Finally, we assist in conducting this performance testing and developing recommendations and next steps for system improvement. A fully customised certification readiness assessment gives innovators a guided actionable path to product certification.

    Certificate Readiness Assessment


    TÜV SÜD’s longstanding expertise in testing, inspection, and certification combines with our unique experience in developing ISO 30500 to bring sanitation innovators clear and efficient plans and expert solutions for achieving certification. We offer not only unparalleled knowledge but also global networks of laboratories and testing facilities to guide your products through a streamlined certification process.

    More information on ISO 30500 Certification Mark


    Learn about ISO 30500 requirements and gain critical skills in its application through TÜV SÜD’s expert workshops and trainings. Our key role in developing this standard and our unique experience applying ISO 30500 in the field enables our trainers to give organisations the tools to be successful in the non-sewered sanitation sector. Our certified instructors deliver clear and detailed explanations, demystifying test methods and procedures. Customised training for your organisation offers gap-filling in crucial skills. Read more about workshops and training opportunities on our Training Webpage.

    *Once ISO 31800 is published, our team will provide similar opportunities.


    Laboratories wishing to gain access to the sanitation sector can build their capabilities by partnering with the team at the centre of global testing networks. TÜV SÜD leads the sanitation innovation field in organising and sustaining collaborative testing networks for ISO 30500. We provide gap analysis, detailed action plans, and customised training and skill building to guide laboratories in achieving the skills and accreditations necessary to participate in the rapidly growing field of non-sewered sanitation.


    Working with an array of global sanitation stakeholders and being involved from standard development to on-site testing gives TÜV SÜD the competence to drive new sanitation standardisation documents. Our team will examine and evaluate the technology or system to develop an in-depth understanding of the field. From technology expertise, leadership skills and a collaborative mindset, our team can lead and consult on development of international standards and guidelines for the sanitation sector.

    Standard Development


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