Fundamentals of High Voltage Systems in Electric Vehicles – Level 1 E-learning Training Course

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Electric vehicles are becoming more widespread, so more and more people are coming into contact with them. Since electric drives work with high voltage, there are some dangers to be aware of when handling electric vehicles.

In this training you will learn what you should pay attention to when handling electric vehicles, what dangers arise from electricity and how you can best protect yourself against it.

This e-learning course is aimed specifically at employees of service workshops, automobile manufacturers, suppliers and research institutes who are to work on or with electric vehicles in the future or who could come into contact with them.

  • I know what I should watch out for when handling electric vehicles.
  • I know the components of electric vehicles.
  • I know the dangers of electric current, the risk limits and their protective measures.
  • I know how I should behave in the event of an electrical accident.
  • What is the history and future of electrically powered vehicles?
  • What does electromobility mean?
  • What do I have to watch out for when coming into contact with electric vehicles?
  • What components do purely electric vehicles consist of?
  • What components do hybrid vehicles consist of
  • What are the legal requirements?
  • For whom is high voltage sensitization relevant?
  • What are the dangers of electric vehicles?
  • What happens during a body flow?
  • How does a flow work in the body?
  • What are the dangers of electric arcs?
  • What are the hazard limits and protective measures?
  • How do I provide first aid

This E-learning course offers an accelerated learning through its bite-sized modular structure. The flexibility of this self-paced E-learning means it is accessible on any device 24/7. You have the opportunity to start, pause, replay and even restart the course at your own convenience. Upon completion of this E-learning course, you will receive a globally recognised TÜV SÜD certificate.

Upon completion, you will receive your globally recognised TÜV SÜD certificate on Fundamentals of High Voltage Systems in Electric Vehicles – Level 1.

TÜV SÜD additionally offers the opportunity to deliver this training as a dedicated in-house course, delivered solely to your organisation to meet your needs and requirements. To receive a quote and find out more information, please contact us at [email protected].

Net Price (excl. VAT)
£ 220.00

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