Sustainability Transformation through Green Compass

Training Course

Training Course

Sustainability transformations can increase efficiency while minimising environmental impact. However, this can be difficult to achieve if you lack familiarity with sustainability concepts, are unclear how to get started or lack a systematic approach to identify opportunities and high-impact initiatives.

With increasing emphasis on corporate environmental sustainability globally and locally, more companies want to know how they can become more environmentally sustainable. However, there may be a lack of knowledge internally on what needs to be done. Many courses focus on theory with little time spent on helping you apply the knowledge to your workplace.

On this course you will learn about corporate environmental sustainability and create a high-level, strategic plan to become more environmentally sustainable. You will gain an overview of environmental sustainability management trends and implement the knowledge gained in a corporate context.

In this 16-hour course you will create a proposal of strategic actions for improving your organisation’s environmental sustainability. You are encouraged to use actual data collated from the relevant personnel in your company and to present the high-level action plan to your company’s upper management in the final session of the workshop.

TÜV SÜD additionally offers the opportunity to deliver this training as a dedicated in-house course, delivered solely to your organisation to meet your needs and requirements. To receive a quote and find out more information, please contact us at [email protected]


Session 1: Introduction to Environmental Sustainability
Session 2: Green Compass Framework Introduction and Assessment
Session 3: Understand and Evaluate Assessment Results
Session 4: Introduction to Prioritisation
Session 5: Understand and Evaluate Prioritisation Results
Session 6a: Brainstorming Improvement Ideas
Session 6b: Develop Action Plan and Roadmap
Session 7: Final Presentation of Action Plan to Senior Leadership


Green Compass consists of a four-step Learn-Assess-Prioritise-Plan model. During this course you will:
- Learn about sustainability trends and methodologies
- Assess your company’s sustainability level
- Prioritise the initiatives with the biggest financial and strategic impact
- Develop a strategic action plan for your organisation’s sustainability transformation journey


The course is recommended for companies who want to assess their level of sustainability, identify and prioritise key areas for sustainability improvement, and develop a strategic plan for implementation.

Green Compass can be used by companies at any stage of their environmental sustainability transformation journey, from companies that are just starting out to experienced ones.

To optimise the Green Compass experience, we recommend at least 3 team members per company. Preferably, this team would consist of the Operations Manager/Strategic Program Manager (PMO), Sustainability Manager, Facility Manager/Engineer, Product Development Manager and/or Procurement Manager, to ensure a good breadth of company knowledge in the room for an effective brainstorming session.


  • Case study with real data from your company
  • Group exercise: Complete assessment on web portal with unique login ID
  • Group exercise: Fill in prioritisation template with cost categories, value creations and planning horizon
  • Focus group: Brainstorm ideas for improvement and road-mapping
  • Presentation: Final presentation to senior management


Participants will be awarded with a certificate of attendance (COA) if they meet the following criteria:

- Achieve at least 75% course attendance
- Take all assessments
- Pass the course


1. Chan Mei Yee, Senior Program Manager
2. Chris Chan, Project Manager
3. Marianela Cardelle, Project Engineer


Ms. Chan Mei Yee is a Senior Programme Manager at TÜV SÜD with 5.5 years extensive experience in developing ISO standards as co-chair for a project committee. She has also worked with international standard bodies and ISO standards development teams at leadership level.

Mr. Chris Chan Xianyuan is a Project Manager in TÜV SÜD PSB Singapore with 4 years of working experience with international standards. He's also a technical lead for ISO 31800 for energy independent community scale faecal sludge treatment units.

Ms. Mari Cardelle works as a Project Engineer in TÜV SÜD PSB Singapore and her area of expertise includes executing the testing of international standards on non-sewered sanitation systems across the world.


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