lab accreditation scheme

Lab Approval Scheme

Ensuring laboratories compliance with latest regulations

Ensuring laboratories compliance with latest regulations

What is LAB approval scheme?

The Lab approval scheme is a thorough process that enables our experts to assess every aspect of your laboratory, and bring any gaps or opportunities to your attention. A typical lab audit begins with an onsite assessment of equipment and personnel. Existing test records are inspected, best practices and training programmes are reviewed and compliance with national standards are explored.

Why is Lab approval scheme important?

Suppliers face unnecessarily high costs due to repeated outsourcing of their testing processes. By creating their own in-house laboratory for physical testing, costs can be significantly lowered over time. However, there is no guarantee that their test results – whether done internally or externally – are precise. In order to avoid such critical errors, it is integral for lab equipment to be well-calibrated and in correlation with national standards. Therefore, to ensure quality results and a competitive edge, the laboratory must undergo stringent audits and inspection to maintain high standards of testing. 

Why choose TÜV SÜD for LAB approval SCHEME?

As a global leader in third party testing and certification, TÜV SÜD operates hundreds of laboratories all over the world. With our abundant experience in laboratory construction and management, we will help you build a laboratory that is safe, intelligent, energy-saving and environment-friendly. TÜV SÜD ensures product safety and quality requirements while helping you reduce costs.

Our lab approval scheme services

Our lab audit services cover the following steps:

  • Ensuring that test methods and performance standards are up to date
  • A random selection of previous test records is inspected by the TÜV SÜD accreditor
  • Observation of technicians performing tests required on the application form
  • Review of calibration and maintenance records
  • Review of laboratory housekeeping and good laboratory practices
  • Review of training programs in operation in laboratory
  • Compliance with storage and handling requirements for laboratory supplies
  • Survey of laboratory equipment and relevant documentation
  • Chain of custody of samples
  • Laboratory personnel interviews



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