Accelerated aging incl. transport simulation and sterile packaging

On-demand Webinar

On-demand Webinar


Manufacturers are not always clear about which standards to follow regarding transport simulation. Each standard has its pitfalls, which we will examine and compare in this webinar to identify their differences. Various examples will be presented to highlight the design and, ultimately, the performed tests which are fundamentally important for market approval. Part of this webinar session on avoiding additional testing will address common misunderstandings. And finally, the webinar will close with an explanation of how transport simulation, aging studies and packaging tests (ensuring sterile barrier) come together.

Daria Meusberger - TÜV SÜD ReferentinSPEAKER

Daria Meusburger | Senior Account Manager

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Note: The video was recorded in November 2021 – no liability for any changes.



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