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Egypt Safety Registration of Qualified Factories for Export of Products

Posted by: Rob Campling Date: 07 Jul 2022

Registration of Qualified Factories for Export of Products to Egypt, Decision No. 992/2015 - Amendment - (on the registration period and rules) Decision No. 195/2022


In force (since Apr 01, 2022)

The Egyptian Ministry of Trade and Industry published Decision No. 195 of 2022 amending the rules governing the registration of factories eligible for export of their products to Egypt.

Article 1 repeals Article 1, Point 3 of Decision No. 43/2016 which states that registration or cancellation of a record requires a decree from the minister of foreign trade, and granting exemptions from any or all registration requirements requires the minister’s approval. 

Article 2 states that registration is considered complete once the required documents have been submitted, provided that the applicant delivers a proof of registration within a period not exceeding 15 days from the date of completion of the documents.

In addition, new clauses have been added to Article 2 of Decision No. 43/2016 that include the following: 

  • registration documents may be submitted through the embassies and consulates of the countries concerned,
  • the renewal of documents must be completed within a period not exceeding 30 days from their expiration date,
  • registration and withdrawal will be published in the Egyptian gazette and on the website of the General Organisation for Export and Import Control,
  • a committee shall be established by decision of the Minister for Foreign Trade to handle complaints.

This Decision entered into force on 1 April 2022.


Publication References

Al-Waqa'i' al-Misriyya No. 76-bis, 31.03.2022, p.03 https://www.cc.gov.eg/i/l/419533.pdf

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