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Press and Media

13 May 2022

New Industry 4.0 and Sustainability Training Courses Launched

We’re pleased to announce that TÜV SÜD Academy have added five new courses to our training portfolio covering the topics of Industry 4.0, and corporate sustainability.

New Industry 4.0 training courses

Our new Industry 4.0 courses are suitable for different levels of expertise and knowledge. You can gain knowledge of technical topics such as SIRI, Smart Warehouse, Digital Transformation, Operational Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence Quality Management Standards and Technology, and more. TÜV SÜD is also an Approved Training Provider for the SIRI Assessor Training Course.

Find out more about our new Industry 4.0 training courses:

View all our Industry 4.0 training courses

We provide interactive and insightful training courses giving you theoretical background knowledge and practical hands-on experience. You will learn from our Industry 4.0 experts and benefit from their extensive experience.

TÜV SÜD can help your business close its knowledge gap by providing comprehensive Industry 4.0 training courses and initiatives from experts on customised topics. Let us help you successfully start, scale, and sustain your transformation.

New Corporate Sustainability Training Course

Does your company want to become more sustainable? If you’re just starting your journey or have already made some positive changes, our Sustainability Transformation Through Green Compass course will help you take action to become more environmentally-friendly.

On this course you will learn about corporate environmental sustainability and implement the knowledge gained in a corporate context. Our experts will help you assess your organisation’s current level of sustainability and you will create a high-level, strategic plan to become more environmentally sustainable.

Find out more about our corporate sustainability training solutions:

Sustainability Transformation Training Course

You can view all our TÜV SÜD Academy courses on our website.

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