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28 April 2022

UKCA Marking Project Wins Creativity AwardUKCA Award for Creativity

Congratulations to TÜV SÜD UK’s UKCA Accreditation Team for winning the Creativity Award from TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH. The award recognises the cross-divisional inter-country collaboration resulting in TÜV SÜD BABT acquiring accreditation for six UKCA legislative schemes to support our global TÜV SÜD client base.

Mary Grigsby, Head of TÜV SÜD, Product Service Division, said:

“This achievement is the result of huge commitment from the TÜV SÜD BABT team to deliver UKCA accredited schemes across our global organisation to enable customers continued market access. The dedication to new ways of working with processes and tools has enabled us to scale up our portfolio of services to include PPE, ATEX, UK Construction Products, Lifts and others in a short period of time. With many more schemes in the pipeline it is an exciting time for our Certification Body.”

Since the UK referendum to leave the EU, TÜV SÜD BABT (the TÜV SÜD Notified Body located within the UK), has worked to ensure that TÜV SÜD can continue to meet our customers’ needs after Brexit. The company was automatically appointed as a UK Assessment Body for the issuance of UK market access certification for those schemes which, prior to Brexit, it could issue EU market access certification. By working within the TÜV SÜD legal entity in Denmark, TÜV SÜD BABT ensured it could continue to issue European certification for Marine Equipment, Radio Equipment, Electromagnetic Compatibility, and Machinery Equipment.

The various divisions and regions of TÜV SÜD, collaborated to determine which additional UKCA schemes the organisation required to support clients’ needs for placing products on the UK market. Consequently, TÜV SÜD BABT’s scope of accreditations for UK market access was expanded to include Pressure Equipment, Portable Pressure Equipment, Construction Products, Lifts and Outdoor Noise, Equipment in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres, and Personal Protective Equipment.

TÜV SÜD BABT’s innovative approach involved implementing delegated authority Assessment bodies for the schemes within the Division supplying that particular service. To ensure the relevant competency and resource levels required to manage the schemes, activities were co-ordinated throughout the different regions.

The TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH Creativity award was given to the UKCA team made up of members of TÜV SÜD BABT, the Assessment Bodies, and other colleagues. It recognises the team’s success in acquiring the accreditations in a timely manner, working across the different divisions and regions to support clients’ requirements and for acquiring these multiple additions in parallel.

Nathan Emery, Quality Manager, TÜV SÜD Product Service commented:

“We’re delighted to receive this award in recognition of a great team effort. This achievement has placed a spotlight on the support that TÜV SÜD BABT offered to the global TÜV SÜD community. We are continually working to expand our accreditation portfolio further.”

The innovative delivery of the six schemes utilises the existing processes and procedures within the different operating legal entities involved to create a collaborative global certification body. The team was a collaboration of TÜV SÜD BABT, Pressure Equipment Business Lines, Lifts Business Lines, Gas Appliances Business Lines, Outdoor Noise Business Lines and Construction Products Business Lines.

To find out more about the services we offer, see our Product Certification services web page.

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