Anticipate, prepare and respond

Anticipate, prepare and respond


Over the last year we have seen some significant challenges to everyone’s health, safety and well-being due to the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns and we are continually working to address the ever-changing guidelines to workspace environments.

We now have a number of our colleagues working from home offices, as well as the need to keep our testing and lab facilities operating as normal as possible. Our sites have implemented Covid-19 secure procedures based on local government guidelines (temperature monitoring, socially distant work stations, one way routes, sanitisation stations and the wearing of face coverings). We have also asked customers and visitors to complete simple health questionnaires before attending site and lateral flow test kits are available for anyone to take.

For our colleagues now working from home, we ask them to complete remote working/DSE assessments and offered safety advice based on these results. Line managers are in regular contact with their team members to identify potential hazards and advise accordingly to protect the WFH colleague and their households.


Our CEO sends out regular newsletters to all staff, updating them on the company’s plans during the ongoing changing work environment and he also hosts online quarterly Townhall briefings in which members of the Senior Management Team give update presentations on each of their divisions.

These communications have helped our colleagues keep up to date and in touch with business changes, as well as offering a social aspect that may be lacking when not in an office/lab/facility space.


As we start to relax lockdown measures, discussions within management teams about what the new ‘normal’ will look like with regards to work patterns and working in our offices are taking place. The first part of this will see employee surveys being sent out asking for views and opinions on how we have coped during the lockdown and any improvements that could be made in the future. Our survey will also ask about working from home and whether it has improved people's well-being or had an adverse effect.

The mental well-being of our staff is of paramount importance to us. There have been several initiatives started to allow continual social interaction and physical activities and we'll continue to build upon these to make sure staff and visitors are protected and nurtured. 

- Dave Moss, UK Health and Safety Manager


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