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Enabling carbon capture, usage and storage: Measurement needs and solutions

Enabling carbon capture, usage and storage: Measurement needs and solutions, 6-8 October 2020


There are a number of disruptive measures that would assist the UK in reaching its legislative target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, however only one that regardless of other policy decisions, has been identified as essential: carbon capture and storage (CCS). The Committee on Climate Change have noted that greenhouse gas removal technologies such as CCS will play an important role in offsetting ‘difficult-to-cut emissions’, for example from heavy industry, which is a position supported by the Government who have stated that CCS is ‘necessary to meet national and international climate change targets at least cost’ and are providing significant funding for industrial decarbonisation.


This CCUS webinar series invites stakeholders from across academia, industry and government to identify, discuss and prioritise crucial measurement needs to support the deployment of CCS technologies alongside the potential to utilise the captured carbon (CCU). The input from attendees will be summarised in a report that will direct future metrology research, with the broad aim of helping accelerate the commercialisation and success of CCUS in the UK.


Sessions will feature guest speakers from TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory, Industrial Decarbonisation Research and Innovation Centre (IDRIC), Silixa, BP and the Carbon Capture and Storage Association (CCSA) with others to be announced.


This collaborative Workshop will provide attendees with the opportunity to discuss any current or future challenges that may require a measurement solution, as well as a chance to highlight the capabilities of the NMS that could assist with addressing measurement needs for CCUS.

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