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19 May 2020

Digitized Machinery Safety Compliance

mComONEMachinery safety compliance is as much about the management of any required remedial actions as it is about the initial risk assessment, but this management process has always been the more difficult part to deal with.

The format of reports doesn’t always allow for the easy filtering of specific machines or risks and tracking progress has had to be done separately from the original data set. Where management want a view of progress, further analysis and reports need to be generated.

How to solve the problem? mCom ONE is the newly developed, cloud-based tool bringing machinery safety compliance into the 21st century. By having all of your data in one accessible place, assessments can be carried out and automatically updated as remedial actions take place and dashboards give a visualisation of the data for management reporting.

Future developments include being able to allocate remedial actions to specific users through the use of action plans and run time approvals for smart manufacturing.

Trial registrations are available and for previous users of the original mCom software, we can offer 6 months free access including the import of databases, to give continued access to your data. Demonstrations and training can be delivered online.

Don’t delay, bring your machinery safety assessments into the 21st century and beyond with mCom ONE.

If you require any support with machinery safety or information on mCom ONE, contact our experts on: 01642 345 637

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