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6 November 2020


This year's North Sea Flow Measurement Workshop, which took place at the end of October, was a new digital experience for the 250 delegates and 42 speakers, from 17 countries, who came  together virtually to share and exchange knowledge. 

During the 4-day event, the Workshop, the premier global flow measurement event, examined the role of flow measurement from a user’s perspective; flow measurement innovation; flow measurement in the energy transition; and how the future of flow measurement is influenced by innovation and digitalization.     

Mike Tholen, Sustainability Director of Oil & Gas UK, provided the keynote speech, where he presented on delivering the energy transition in a post-Covid world. Mike highlighted how a year ago the UK committed to achieving a net-zero future by 2050. Much has happened since then, however the UK’s oil and gas industry remains fully supportive of this goal and is already taking big steps to deliver the required change. 

Another highlight of the event was a panel discussion session, chaired by Dr Bruno Pinguet, Workshop Chair, who was joined by operators Equinor, Saudi Aramco, Spirit Energy, and Total; and the UK regulator OGA. The session provoked some lively discussion as they addressed topics such as, how the industry is embracing AI, machine learning and software predictive models; the future of the multiphase flow meter business; and drivers on CO2 measurement.

Some of the presentations during the Workshop addressed flow measurement challenges in cleaner fuels (Hydrogen) and LNG, as we are in the midst of a transition from oil and gas into a mixed energy portfolio. 

“It was clear that one of the key themes emerging from the week was that our flow measurement reach has expanded beyond traditional oil & gas into new areas, such as methane, CCS, hydrogen, LNG and flaring,"  said Dr Bruno PinguetWe are looking not just at challenges around the measurement of traditional oil and gas activities. Rather, we are now actively considering future opportunities for flow measurement, as it becomes an integral part of the transition from oil and gas to the potential future of low carbon renewables and hydrogen as part of delivering net zero.”

Finally, we are pleased to announce that the winner of the Leaderboard competition which took place during the event is Aivin Yong Veen Jern of Krohne.  Dr Bruno Pinguet was able to personally present Aivin with his prize in Malaysia.

The Workshop was organised by TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory, supported by Tekna, Norwegian Society for Oil & Gas Measurement, and the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, and sponsored by the EIC.

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