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23 April 2020

Machinery safety for the 21st century

mCom_ONEThe compliance world, and in particular the machinery safety world, has always been an ever-evolving subject, particularly in the last few years.

Industry 4.0 (or smart manufacturing, or IIOT) came to the forefront, and with it a host of new terms like digital twin, interoperability and connectivity. More recently, COVID-19 has brought challenges of remote working and adjusting how we view and access the world at large.

One constant throughout has been the need to carry out safety assessments, record what hazards are present and track the progress of any remedial actions that are required. So how best to deal with these needs at a time when we are ever more separated from colleagues, suppliers and the machines themselves?

For over 20 years TÜV SÜD (and previously as Laidler Associates) have advocated the use of technology for standardising and streamlining assessments. Software used has been re-developed in line with legislative and technological advances, whilst keeping at its core, the primary task of assessing the safety of machines and equipment.

Building on this unparalleled base of knowledge and experience, we bring the concept into the 21st century by developing a cloud-based digital tool, which has all of the benefits of standardisation, but adding in a level of collaboration that was previously not feasible. Sharing data between customers and colleagues becomes a mere click away, tracking remedial actions is now done directly with the live data allowing real time tracking of progress across an entire global organisation.

But we haven’t stopped there, we are already looking to the future with run-time approvals for smart manufacturing centres and specific support for additive manufacturing and robotics.

Bring your machinery safety assessments into the 21st century and beyond with mCom ONE.

If you require any support with machinery safety or information on mCom ONE, contact our experts on: 01642 345 637

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