Collaborate to Innovate

22 April 2020

Collaborate to innovate

Wet-gas metering is essential to enable the optimised and cost-effective production of natural gas. As digital technologies advance, demand has grown for smart metering devices with diagnostic capabilities.

Gabriele ChinelloGlasgow Caledonian University (GCU), in partnership with TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory and McMenon, has been awarded funding from CENSIS, Scotland’s sensing and imaging Innovation Centre, for a PhD research project set to begin in autumn 2020. ‘Developing a smart Venturi wet-gas meter to foster efficient gas production and digital transformation’ will address several technological challenges, including the measurement of the liquid loading at low cost, asset health monitoring with diagnostic capabilities, and will provide models proven at field conditions.

The partners will work collaboratively to design, manufacture, test and train an AI-enabled device, which, when brought to market, can play a vital role in bringing marginal fields into operation and in optimising the production of natural gas. “This is a really great opportunity to collaborate with GCU and McMenon to deliver the next generation of wet-gas meters for industry” commented Dr Gabriele Chinello, Technical lead for Gas at TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory. “We delivered a Lunch and Learn Session to McMenon at their facilities in Workington and subsequently discussed opportunities to collaborate on the development of new technologies for wet-gas metering. Having collaborated with GCU on a previous PhD project related to wet-gas metering, we were excited to collaborate with them again on this project which is expected to begin later this year.”

Are you interested in learning more about this research project? For more information, contact Dr Gabriele Chinello.


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