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12 September 2019

Making Online (OiW) Analysers for Reporting JIP

Operators commit to JIP, filling produced water knowledge gap

Water MicroscopeEarlier this year, TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory launched a Joint Industry Project (JIP), “Making Online (OiW) Analysers for Reporting (MOAR)”, to fill a significant knowledge gap in the oil & gas industry’s use of online oil-in-water analysers to help optimise oil and gas recovery. The JIP will aim to deliver a new set of regulatory requirements for subsea produced water discharges, as well as guidance for the acceptance of using online oil-in-water analysers to report the discharge of produced water from unmanned and subsea applications.

“Ultimately, the JIP will help the industry in making the use of online oil-in-water analysers for the discharge of produced water from manned, unmanned and subsea installations a common practice,” commented Dr Yang “and it is not too late to get involved.” Five operators and a regulator have already committed to participate in the JIP to date and the project is expected to begin in the next few weeks.

Guidance for the use of online oil-in-water analysers was first developed in 2005, with manned installations in mind, and was not verified in the field. It is intended that the JIP’s research work will enable the existing online oil-in-water analyser guidance, from OSPAR, BEIS and Norsk Olje & Gas 085, to be updated and improved.

For more information on this JIP or to register your interest in participation, contact Communications Manager [email protected]

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