Grid Services

Power Grid Services

Optimise the Electrical Interconnection of Your Power Plants

Optimise the Electrical Interconnection of Your Power Plants

What are power grid services?

In addition to providing the necessary electrical infrastructure for all kinds of power plants (conventional, wind, solar), grid services ensure that the power generated reaches subs.

Why are power grid services important?

Grid services help to optimise grid connections of power plant projects, creating robust and cost-effective electrical systems. These systems are essential to successful power gathering and export to the grid system.

TÜV SÜD helps you optimise your electrical infrastructure and maximise return on investment

TÜV SÜD provides detailed analysis of your grid connection situations and power systems. We add value to your project by ensuring that your systems comply with the interconnecting utility’s regulations and requirements.

Our power grid services include:

  • Analysis of grid connection conditions

    TÜV SÜD provides analyses of network connection feasibility, design review of cable systems, optimal choice of connection circuit route, voltage level, estimation of connection costs as well as other technical challenges and solutions.

  • Grid connection application

    We ensure that your connection application is submitted with the required technical information and coordinate the grid connection with your network operator or utility company.

  • Technical requirements for grid connection

    Our experts identify and collate all technical requirements to obtain a clear basis for the project design and review technical aspects of the connection agreement and any power purchase agreement.

  • Device grid compatibility

    We evaluate devices for compliance with relevant codes and requirements, and propose technical solutions if additional facilities are required.

  • Verification of compliance with the applicable network ratings

    TÜV SÜD checks for any factors that could affect compliance, including load capacity of cables and transformers, voltage fluctuations of any kind, increase in short-circuit rating and short-circuit current, rapid voltage fluctuations causing flicker (long-term flicker), harmonics and sub-harmonics, and interference with audio frequency ripple control systems.

  • Analysis of load-flow, short-circuit current and selectivity

    Our experts provide load-flow analysis for the design of electrical equipment, calculation of short-circuit current to verify compliance with protective measures, review/preparation of protection plans, adjustment recommendations for power plant cable systems, selectivity analysis to minimise downtime in the event of failures, calculation of the harmonic load flow, analysis of impedance-frequency response to prevent resonance, and power quality calculations.

  • Analysis of power loss, cable sizing and installation method, optimisation

    Our experts identify the energy loss for each individual network component or cable run based on load-flow analysis and calculates electrical losses within the site. We perform economic assessment of power cable sizes and power losses during the project lifecycle. Our specialists provide expertise on load capacity and minimum cross section, power loss minimisation/reduction, cable installation, transformer selection and improvement of cost-effectiveness.


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