13 MAR 2024

Why Density is Important in Liquid and Gas Flow Measurement

Online 14:00 GMT

Accurate flow measurement is critical in the process industry for precise financial reporting, fair trade, and taxation. Density plays a crucial role in various process applications, facilitating process control and product quality assessment. In the energy sector, density is essential for allocation in shared transportation systems and for reporting annual production; thus, the flow measurement system serves as the financial register for production facilities.

The measurement of flow rate can be achieved by mass or volume, depending on the technology employed. However, there is often a need to convert between these quantities, necessitating determination of fluid density as a function of fluid’s composition, pressure, and temperature. Consequently, density appears as a fundamental parameter in flow measurement system.

This webinar focuses on concepts behind density measurement of fluids in energy sectors and its respective challenges. More details will be provided on density determination of the CO2/H2 - rich streams in the transportation system, in addition to offline/online density measurement and calculation techniques.


  • Fundamentals of density measurement through different offline/online methods and associated calculations for both liquid and gaseous phases
  • Challenges related to density measurement, focusing on CO2 and H2 mixtures within the gas transmission system


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