9 NOV 2022

Ultrasonic flow meters in flaring applications and their correction by means of Computational Fluid Dynamics

Flaring is used to dispose natural gas associated with oil extraction in a controlled and safe manner. During flaring, flare gas is combusted, and occasionally vented, emitting millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide and methane each year.

Online 14:00 GMT

The CFD approach allows us to model and analyse fluid flows, numerically solving the equations that govern the flow phenomena. This method is used in a wide range of industries and in the case of flow meters, it can either be employed in the initial design process to ensure the meter is installed in the most suitable location, or as a method of assessing errors related to installation effects.

This webinar, presented by Calum McLaughlin, discusses the impact of flaring and the operation of ultrasonic flow meters. Furthermore, it provides insights on how CFD can be used to correct ultrasonic flow meters in complex and non-ideal installations.


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