9 SEP 2021

UKEX practical consideration and implementation

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Online 14:00 BST | 15:00 CEST

As safety regulations continue to progress within the world of explosive atmospheres, how can we maintain compliance and improve safety to its highest level? With the new UKEX certification scheme which is now to be implemented by ‘Approved Bodies’, what are the implications to manufacturers within and external to the UK?

When assessing potentially explosive atmosphere at production and storage facilities, non-electrical equipment (Mechanical) installed historically has not been Ex certified. Legally since 2003, the equipment is to be assessed for any potential ignition sources present and ideally install Ex certified equipment. The main issue is that a lot of companies either choose to ignore, possibly don’t understand or are simply un-aware of the risks present. A common reply is “It’s been fine for the last 30 years, so why worry now?”. This is fine until it goes wrong, and when things go wrong from an ATEX perspective it is on a large scale!

Competency and understanding of the risk present is mandatory within explosive atmospheres and this webinar highlights the crucial requirements to maintain and improve safety. It introduces pragmatic solutions applicable to companies who have concerns within the existing industry, or supply to the hazardous area industry, which are of vital importance to managing risk.


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