Lift manager
28 APR 2021

Smart Lifts predictive maintenance through IoT sensors

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The Lift Manager System is the result of a systematic synergy of expertise in the Internet of Things by Bosch. IO, with lift domain knowledge and associated data analytics and data science expertise by TÜV SÜD. This comprehensive solution provides three key capabilities that lift operators and OEMs can benefit from:

  • Remote monitoring of lift operations
  • Anomaly detection and alerts
  • Predictive analytics for targeted maintenance planning

Thanks to non-invasive retrofits of sensor nodes on top of the lift car, the solution can be applied to new and existing lifts regardless of brand or model.
In addition, the Lift Manager’s edge computing capabilities and its configurable standard APIs ensure easy integration with other solutions and provide a high level of flexibility to the customer.

With all these capabilities the Lift Manager system offers lift operators, OEMs and service providers are remarkable advantage of bringing an entire lift portfolio under the umbrella of a single IoT solution for the optimization of both lift operations and maintenance activities.

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