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21 FEB 2024

ISO 19443 lessons learned from the beginning of implementation

Online 14:00 GMT

ISO 19443 is a nuclear specific quality management system which is designed to improve safety and quality throughout the nuclear supply chain. It builds upon the requirements of ISO 9001, but has a specific focus on nuclear safety. ISO 19443 was issued in 2018 and TÜV SÜD is the first Certification Body accredited to issue ISO 19443 certificates. Since 2022, TÜV SÜD has issued over more than 15 ISO 19443 certificates and shares its unique viewpoint on the impact that it has brought to the nuclear industry.

In this webinar hosted by TÜV SÜD you will understand the role of ISO 19443 in the nuclear supply chain and learn the lessons learned and benefits that ISO 19443 has brought one year into its implementation. The webinar will also provide insights from EDF, who have obtained ISO 19443 certification who share their viewpoint on the benefits it has brought to their organisation and impact its had on their supply chain.


  • What is ISO 19443
  • Why is ISO 19443 important for the nuclear supply chain?
  • What does ISO 19443 demonstrate?
  • When was ISO 19443 introduced and what has been the feedback so far?
  • What are the benefits of ISO 19443?
  • How can TÜV SÜD support you for ISO 19443?


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