27 MAR 2024

How can we calibrate flow meters for CO2 custody transfer?

Online 14:00 GMT

Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) has been identified as a key tool to effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions in a timely manner in order to meet our net zero goals. CCUS development has been gaining momentum in recent years with a near doubling in capture capacity in development since 2021 and with the implementation of the UK and EU Emissions Trading Schemes (ETS) this trend is likely to continue. However, for these schemes to be effectively implemented accurate measurement of the CO2 captured and stored is needed and custody transfer standard of flow measurement with its routine calibration requirements will important.

With the rapid development of this new area of flow measurement many challenges have been posed which ultimately need addressing.


• Do existing flow measurement technologies work in CO2?
• How can we calibrate flow meters for use in CO2?
• What are the effects of impurities in the CO2 stream on flow measurement?


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