22 FEB 2024

Can We Calibrate in One Fluid and Operate in Another 2024

Online 14:00 GMT

The transferability of calibration between different fluids has been a subject of interest for several years. Flow meters have been deployed in various demanding operations such as LNG, heavy oil, and CO2, amongst others. However, the number of globally available traceable flow laboratories capable of providing calibrations for these specific fluids is limited or non-existent. Consequently, conducting calibrations in more easily accessible fluids offers notable advantages. This presentation will share the outcomes of research conducted at TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory using water, light oil, high viscosity fluids, and high-pressure gas in its flow facilities. The discussion will cover potential solutions, calibration strategies, and opportunities.

This webinar is suited to measurement engineers, process engineers and meter manufacturers.


  • There’s only a limited number of traceable flow laboratories globally that can offer calibrations with challenging fluid properties
  • Temperature, pressure, and viscosity variations are known to influence the overall measurement uncertainty.
  • Can some flow meters be calibrated with one fluid and then successfully operated in another in service but with a higher uncertainty?


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