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National Healthcare Expo

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National Healthcare Expo 2019

Event date: 26th November 2019

Event location: Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes

The National Healthcare Expo, which is being held on 26th November at Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes, will highlight the key trends and challenges facing the sector, while also offering practical advice, as well as showcasing the latest innovations and developments in best practice, and the technological solutions available to healthcare individuals and organisations as they seek to improve patient care whilst reducing costs.

The National Healthcare Expo and its co-located events will showcase the latest technologies that are impacting and transforming the way in which the healthcare ecosystem in the UK operates. For example, it will demonstrate how digital technologies are supporting the healthcare system’s moves to new models of patient-centred care. Conference speakers and exhibitors will cover a range of new technologies that are helping to improve diagnosis and treatment and enhance the patient experience, such as Blockchain, RPA, Cloud, Artificial iIntelligence (AI), Robotics, the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) and Virtual Reality.

At the conference

Richard Poate, Business Development Manager, will be presenting at the event

Topic: Healthcare cybersecurity – safe and secure or an open door?" 

Synopsis: Cyber-security is a far reaching topic, engaging all stakeholders in the health sector. Compliance with standards and regulations is the most obvious area in which cyber-security is a concern. As NHS Trusts begin to embrace telemedicine through schemes such as Better Together, we must take a far more critical look at the technologies employed to link recipients of care with their care providers. This talk will focus on new Bluetooth-enabled devices intended for use in clinical and home settings, and the cyber-security challenges they pose in light of current NHS information security regulations. We will focus on topics specific to current NHS initiatives, particularly their Better Together Adult Social Care initiative. This involves working with patients, especially those with chronic conditions, in their own homes or in care homes, in particular we will look at:

  • NHS initiatives relevant to Bluetooth/Home WiFi using mobile devices with specific examples
  • Telemedicine, what is it? How does it change the attack surface that can be exploited by malicious parties?
  • The standards that must be enforced regardless of these challenges
  • Brief overview of contemporary attacks against Bluetooth and what they mean to patient data protection
  • What we at TÜV SÜD, Royal Holloway and other stakeholders doing to combat this threat, including our commitment to the development of robust security testing frameworks

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