11 NOV 2021 - 12 NOV 2021


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United Kingdom, MSIP, Dundee

MSIP's flagship Demonstrator and Showcase Event on 11 and 12 November will bring together key members of industry, academia and government to deliver an
event at MSIP, complimentary to the COP26 Summit.

Transforming a large industrial space into a bespoke event venue at our Innovation Parc, it will deliver demonstrations and a showcase of the latest technology in development, within the sustainable mobility and decarbonisation sector in Scotland.

As well as interactive demonstrations, it will include topical panel sessions and challenge workshops, offer networking opportunities and include some fun activities to try out too.

Our event will be sustainable. We will ensure that all parts of our event consider and actively reduce the environmental impact made.

This event will utilise the spotlight of the COP26 Summit. It will offer an affordable, relevant and alternative option, for both participants and attendees, in a City that is fully accessible and ready to welcome visitors!

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MSIP, Dundee

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