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Your regular update for technical and industry information

TÜV SÜD inspects Cablebús Linea 1 in Mexico City


Mexico City’s public transport network has been extended with the addition of a new cable-car line. Cablebús Linea 1 is based on Doppelmayr Group’s D-line ropeway generation, with detachable gondolas that offer space for up to 10 passengers. TÜV SÜD reviewed the manufacturer documentation, evaluated the safety report and carried out final inspection on site.


TUV SUD inspects Cablebus Linea 1 in Mexico CityCablebús Linea 1 covers three route sections with a total length of almost 10 kilometres and links directly to Mexico City’s main transport hub. The new cableway can transport 4000 passengers per hour at a speed of 6m/s.  A total of 5 stations connect the Indios Verdes metro station with the Cuautepec district. The special feature is that passengers on the main axis can travel a distance of 7.5 km from Cuautepec directly to Indios Verdes without changing trains – this is unique among all urban cable car lines that have been realised so far.


In terms of its overall length and passenger transport capacity, the new Linea 1 is one of the world’s largest urban cable-car systems As safety was the manufacturer’s top priority in the realisation of this ambitious project, Doppelmayr Group first commissioned the TÜV SÜD cable-car experts to conduct a review of the manufacturer’s documentation and to evaluate the safety report and its implementation in accordance with the EU’s Cableway Regulation 2016/424. For the final inspection, three experts from Munich then spent three weeks in Mexico City. Carrying out extensive tests and inspections, we tested elements including all safety components and performed brake testing under load. Special focus was further placed on safety aspects related to the cableway’s integration into the urban environment.  Following successful final inspection, Cablebús Linea 1 entered into service on 11 July 2021.


TÜV SÜD expertise in cable-car systems


TÜV SÜD’s cable-car experts offer all statutory tests, inspections and certifications required for placing on the market and safe operation of these transportation systems. They cover aspects such as final and periodic inspections of cableways and drag lifts and testing of material-handling cableways (with and without limited passenger transport) as well as safety analyses and reports. Other important areas of activity include the certification of safety components and sub-systems in accordance with the EU’s Cableway Regulation 2016/424 as well as non-destructive tests such as magnetic rope testing (MRT) of steel cables used in passenger transport systems.


An overview of all TÜV SÜD services in relation to cableway safety can be found at https://www.tuvsud.com/en/industries/infrastructure-and-rail/infrastructure/cableway-services.

Picture credits: Doppelmayr Goup


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